International reach and global networking

We provide professional brand management – essential for a brand´s long-term success in international markets with ever increasing competition. Our experts are in charge of brands of art, lifestyle and luxury, considering strategies of global sales and marketing and utilizing personalized targeting.

  1. Brand management in the fields of art, lifestyle und luxury products
    • Development of a targeted marketing strategy
    • Creation and development of products of prestige and high quality
    • Global strategies in marketing und retail
    • Organisation of co-operations in the co-branding sector (exclusive partnerships with leading companies and renowned artists)
  2. Art management
    • Support for museums, collections and artists
    • International communication
    • Organisation of international expositions
  3. Global advertising and advertorials
  4. High standard magazines for companies and brands
    • Concept phase
    • Definition and production of content
    • Development of the design and layout
    • Preparation and realisation of the printing
    • Sales
  5. Film production and animation for Web and TV
    • Concept phase
    • Writing and preparing scenarios for a Script
    • Shootings
    • Editing and audio settings
  6. Photo shooting
    • Concept phase
    • Choosing of location, models and make-up artists
    • Execution
    • Image processing
  7. Private labelling
    • Concept phase
    • Design phase
    • Development and design of the prototype
    • Marketing and e-commerce
    • Global communication